Grill Dome Infinity X2 Large Kamado - GAME DAY Series - 18" Cooking Grill

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Up your grilling game with our Game Day X2 Infinity Grills and unrivaled color selection!

Our Infinity X2 GAME DAY grills are the ultimate tailgating machines. With three cooking levels, you'll be able to grill up flavorsome chicken, burgers, steaks and more in no time! . We can also custom match any pantone color on the lid and base to reflect your team.





More options coming online soon! 

Call us to order any dual tone grill for you next game day!  678-924-0545

Each grill is custom produced.  Production time is roughly 10 business days. 

Up your grilling game!

DIAL IT IN - Easily control Heat and Smoke with our exclusive DialTop and DialDoor damper system. Use the graduated dampers to quickly learn how to control heat and smoke settings. Set the DialDoor precisely to an enumerated setting to adjust airflow to the fire. Increase the setting to add airflow and raise heat levels and damper down the setting to choke the fire to bring down the temperature. Set the DialTop to adjust the smoke flavor to your liking. Lock down settings on the DialTop to prevent any slippage when opening your Dome. Add the Grill Dome AMP blower fan designed to mount the DialDoor to add even more consistency to airflow.

SUPERIOR HEAT RETENTION - The ceramic construction is one of key secrets to the juiciness of foods cooked in a kamado vessel. The round shape cooks from every direction and the thick ceramic walls hold the heat in circulating it back on to the food. Our ceramics are almost twice as thick as the competition, and our Infinity II model has 30 to 50 lbs of extra ceramic compared to other kamado cookers! Thicker ceramics will yield better thermal efficiency and more consistent results.

POWERFUL FEATHERLITE HINGE - Experience the amazing Featherlite Hinge that counters the weight of the heavy lid with two powerful springs. Our compact and advanced hinge design packs a big punch and allows you to lift the lid with just a few fingers feeling sturdy and consistent every time. Save the shoulder presses for the gym and instead work on uping your grilling game instead.

304 STAINLESS HARDWARE, COOKING GRILL – The Infinity X2 is built like a tank and with the 304 Stainless Steel hardware it will also last much longer than powder coated hardware. The cooking grill, the hinge bands, hinge assembly, handle, DialDoor, and side shelves are all 304 Series stainless steel. Rest assured for years to come.

NEW! STACK AND RACK SYSTEM - The extra tall dome is of the Infinity X2 is built to accommodate a powerful new rack system.  The Stack and Rack System is a robust cooking system that allows you to configure 50+ cooking setups and also stack up to three levels to triple your cooking space. Configure 8 different heat modes (direct, indirect, and half direct/indirect) with the system core. Additional accessories are available for additional setups including half moon cooking accessories, surfaces, heat modes and more!  Purchase an additional stack, the Stack and Rack system is expandable to three FULL cooking tiers providing you a total of 760+ square inches. 

NEW! EXTREME HIGH TEMP WIRE MESH FIBERGLASS GASKET - Maintaining a superior air tight seal between the lid and the base is necessary to ensure heat is not being leaked out during the cooking process. Our extreme high temp gasket engineered to last 10X the life of standard industry gaskets and is now standard on all INFINITY X2 models.

FAST LIGHT UP – Unlike many conventional charcoal grills and smokers, the Infinity series has a chimney effect built into the design of the cooker. This means you can be ready to cook in 10 to 15 minutes!

REUSE FUEL - Reuse charcoal after each cook, you simply follow the shutdown procedure and the fire is choked. Unlike other charcoal grills, the left over charcoal from the previous cook can be re-used for the next cook.

COOK ALL YEAR AROUND –Have you ever had the urge to cook on your metal grill or smoker but found that its simply impossible to hold the temperature in the cold? Since the thick ceramics are thermally insulating, they hold the heat in the mass of the cooker and allows you to cook all year around! A dream come true for the most avid barbecuer!

LOW MAINTENANCE – There are no complicated maintenance procedures or parts. Lightly brush the grill before cooking and remove ashes every 5 uses! That’s it!

SAFER – The thick insulating walls do make cooking much safer for you, your kids and pets around the grill. Every year roughly 2 million people suffer from burns in the United States. Among the many different sources for these painful injuries, barbecue grills are the leading source for burns.

LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY – Grill Dome was the first company to develop ceramics that were durable enough for high temperature cooking, so it’s no surprise we still have the best warranty in class. The fit and finish on the Infinity Series is unmatched, which is why we even offer a 5 year warranty on our gaskets, lifetime warranty on our ceramics against cracking and a lifetime warranty on our hinges against rusting.


Base/Dome: High-Fire Heat-Resistant Ceramics
Exterior Coating: Heat-Resistant Baked on Finish
DialTop: Cast Aluminium
Grill Grates: 304 Stainless Steel
FireBox/FireRing: High-Fire Heat-Resistant Ceramics
Gasket: Wire Mesh Fiberglass
Domemobile: Powdercoated Galvanized Steel
Side Shelves: 304 Stainless Steel
Featherlite Hinge: 304 Stainless Steel



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