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GRILL Dome - Infinity Series

Grill Domes Infinity Series is the ULTIMATE ALL-IN-ONE outdoor cooker. You can smoke, bbq, bake, grill and sear all on the Infinity Series Kamado Grill. The Infinity Series allows you to cook anywhere from 200 degrees to 750 degrees plus. The thick insulating ceramics hold heat more efficiently allowing for much more reliable temperature control while consuming far less fuel. The Infinity Series is built to be durable and lasts much longer typical grills and smokers made of metal that last an average of only 3 to 4 years.


  • Terapex Ceramics is a proprietary ceramic formulation that provides superior thermal efficiency.  Better thermal efficiency means better control and more fuel efficiency.  Terapex is a made from all natural materials, and is also designed to retain more of the food’s natural juices.


Elite Features

Grill Dome comes with several elite features and details that set it apart from the competition.

  • Heavy Duty 304 Series Stainless Steel – Ceramics don’t rust and when you pair this with 304 Stainless Steel hardware you have a grill that is built to last for years to come.
  • Featherlite Hinge – This compact hinge design allows you to lift the lid with just a few fingers, unlike other spring lock designs that claim to be spring-assist and are prone to springs breaking.
  • Thick Ceramics – Our ceramics are almost twice as thick as the competition.  Thicker ceramics mean more mass and yield to better thermal efficiency.  With thicker ceramics you will be able to control temperatures much easier and burn less fuel during the cook. 
  • Sleek Finish – Set yourself apart with the sleek look of this grill in your backyard.  We take the extra effort of giving a smooth finish to the cooker which takes several extra steps in manufacturing.  The end product is a sleek finish which is paired with buffed stainless steel hardware that will make heads turn.
  • Best Warranty in class – Grill Dome was the first company to develop ceramics that were durable enough for high temperature cooking, so it’s no surprise we still have the best warranty in class.  The fit and finish on the Infinity Series is unmatched, which is why we even offer a 5 year warranty on our gaskets.


Unique Benefits

  • RE-USE CHARCOAL– After each cook, you simply follow the shutdown procedure and the fire is choked.   Unlike other charcoal grills, the left over charcoal from the previous cook can be re-used for the next cook.  A cost conscious customer can quickly figure out that you can pay for the cooker simply by the savings from charcoal.
  • COOK ALL YEAR AROUNDHave you ever had the urge to cook on your metal grill or smoker but found that its simply impossible to hold the temperature in the cold? Since the thick ceramics are thermally insulating, they hold the heat in the mass of the cooker and allows you to cook all year around!  A dream come true for the most avid barbeque’r!
  • FAST LIGHT UP – Unlike many conventional charcoal grills and smokers, the Infinity series has a chimney effect built into the design of the cooker.   This means you can be ready to cook in 10 to 15 minutes!
  • LOW MAINTENANCE – There are no complicated maintenance procedures or parts.  Lightly brush the grill before cooking and remove ashes every 5 uses!  That’s it!
  • SAFER – The thick insulating walls do make cooking much safer for you, your kids and pets around the grill.  Every year roughly 2 million people suffer from burns in the United States. Among the many different sources for these painful injuries, barbeque grills are the leading source for burns.


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