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Charcoal Basket - SOLD OUT!

Remove ashes easily by shaking them out  Improve airflow throughout the cook Cool down grill quicker "on-the-go" by removing charcoal Made from Stainless Steel

DigiQ Dx2

Welcome to the world of BBQ Guru! Set the temperature control & the Pit Guru maintains that set temperature throughout the cook! 1 DigiQ 1 DigiQ Mount 1 Pit Viper 10 CFM Fan 1 Adaptor 1 6ft Meat Probe 1 6ft Pit Probe 110V AC Power...
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Dial in airflow with the new DIALFAN! DialFan mounts to DialDoor Turn up to max setting to start up charcoal quickly, you’ll be ready to start barbecuing within 10 minutes.  Turn down setting and use to maintain constant airflow. ...

NEW! Dome Tongs

Dome Tongs - integrates a 22 lumen LED flashlight to put the spot light on your culinary masterpiece, any time of day or night Features a sliding shaft that telescopes to 17 inches to safely navigate a flaming grill Flashlight and ends of tools are...
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NEW! External Gauge 750

  This heavy duty temperature gauge is a direct drop-in for any size Kamado Grill. Our Grill Dome temperature gauge is a must for the Grill Dome owner. Temperature gauge consistently measures up to 750 degrees. Original equipment replacement or...

Rain Chimney Cap

Keeps all precipitation out of the smoker/grill even in the hardest storm Works with the manufacturer provided vented-top holds the Chimney Cap in place through even the highest winds Chimney Cap will allow user to operate their grill NORMALLY in any...

Stainless Steel Ash Tool

  Stoke the fire by stirring the charcoal with our Stainless Steel Ash Tool! Used for raking the charcoal to allow for ash to drop down to the bottom compartment. The Ash Tool is also used to remove the ashes after 3 to 4 cooks from the bottom...
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